"If I knew all the words, I would write myself out of here." MRAZ

Saturday, August 29, 2009

160 characters

I've recently updated my wireless phone account to include unlimited texting. I am in love with this feature. Before, when texts were 10 or 20 cents a piece, I was (understandably) fairly stingy with how many I sent and received- and saved such an expense for only certain occasions. Now, I will send/receive a text for any reason. In fact, I have come to prefer this method of communication for quick send/response information. No need to hear someone's voice, when you just want their answer. Short and sweet-


: )


30 min

And I have 160 characters to use- seems like a lot for the mode of communication. Who needs that many spaces to fill with information? Well, I've learned that sometimes there is an art to the text style of communication. Sometimes, there is a lot you want to say. Sometimes, you have to send many texts to get your point across...

But what if you want to send one text- just one. So that it will be explanatory, but poignant? I want to get my heart across, but not let it go on and on (which I am sometimes prone to do). I am learning there is a method of editing. There is a whole system of grammar and spelling that specifically deals with the method of sending texts...

Most of the world already knows this, but since I am coming out of my archaic wireless phone world- it's all been greek to me. And totally against the grain of my English training (okay, okay- I know I can't really claim that on the spelling part; but I do try on a general basis to spell correctly).

So, 160 characters.
Sometimes, it is an ocean of availability.
And sometimes, I am wondering why I even bother to text; I might as well send an email- or make the call.