"If I knew all the words, I would write myself out of here." MRAZ

Sunday, September 20, 2009

maybe we should tell each other more often

I had a friend tell me that he was proud of me-

(Keep in mind, this is someone I really respect. I am impressed with his overall decisions and his impact in his sphere of others. I guess you could say that I look up to him- maybe, I acknowledge him as a mutual force for good in the world? Not sure, what the right details are, but just so you know, it isn't "just anyone" saying that they are proud of me.)

Anyway, I was stunned- in a good way. It isn't every day that someone says that they are proud of you. And maybe that is something that should change...
How does it make you feel when someone says, "I am proud of you!" It makes me feel good; other emotions that flood my being: pleased embarrassment, desire to continue the behavior, sense of accomplishment, determination, validation.

These are emotions that everyone should experience- the more consistent the better. Not so we get numb to the impact of those emotions, but so that we feel the constant reminder of our validation for our impacts in this world.

A couple of things that come to mind:

1. Each one of us should behave in ways that would make the people we respect proud. Whether we hear those words or not (I'm proud of you), let's aspire to achieve those opinions.

2. If you've got a friend who you love and respect; and you see and understand and feel their impact in the world- tell them that you are proud of them! Sure, it may feel a little awkward coming out of your mouth- usually those words are reserved for elders passing that along to the youngers...but it is time we give each other a little credit for the good we are trying to get done.

Just my opinion.
I am glad that someone- a peer- is proud of me.
It makes me feel good!
And I am jazzed to know that I am noticed; and I am gonna keep truckin' along.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

keep on dreaming

He keeps telling me, "Keep dreaming even if it breaks your heart."

And I just want to know- as I continue to dream and hope and wish for the best; and when my heart breaks over and over again because of failure or rejection or exhaustion- will he be the one to hold me and comfort me as well. Will he take the time to tell me, "It's going to be okay; and you will have the strength to continue the dreaming!"

Just wondering.

Even If It Breaks Your Heart- Will Hoge