"If I knew all the words, I would write myself out of here." MRAZ

Sunday, January 24, 2010

they start early don't they

A conversation this evening with my 4 and 1/2 year old son:

ME: Rand, it is way too quiet in this house. Let's listen to some music.

RAND: Want Bear music.
**Rand is referring to Bear in the Big Blue House.

ME: No. Let's listening to some of Mommy's music.
**Yes, I was being selfish. We had listened to the Backyardigans all afternoon as we scooted through town on our errands.

RAND: No (whine). Want Bear music.
ME: Let's find a compromise. How about John Mayer.
RAND: No John Mayer.
**I really thought he might go for this one. We taped a John Mayer concert off of PBS and he loved it. Watched it over and over again. It was a good one. Lots of songs from Continuum.

ME: Okay. How about Jason Mraz.
**We are HUGE fans of the song, "I'm Yours."

RAND: No Jason Mraz. Want Bear music?
ME: No Bear music. Remember? We are shooting for a compromise. How about Simon and Garfunkel?
RAND: No (whine). No Simon and Garfkel.
ME: Really?! We are talking about Paul Simon and Art Garkunkel- are you sure?
RAND: Are you sure?

ME: Rand, what about the Barenaked Ladies?
RAND: Yep.

**To my knowledge, we've not really spent a lot of time listening to the Barenaked Ladies together. His quick acceptance got a giggle out of me. We listened to Gordon. A great album- thoughtful and silly as only the Ladies can deliver.

Monday, January 18, 2010

What he said...

He had just indulged in another chuckle and shake of his head over my Jenny-ness.

I was exasperated over the gesture- as always. But these days, the exasperation is tempered with a genuine dawning of understanding- "Jenny-ness" is and often can be something to chuckle at if you haven't lived with it all your life; heck, it is something to chuckle over even when you have lived it with all your life- I just have to step back to gain the perspective of outsiders to truly and sincerely chuckle without feeling some measure of hurt over misunderstanding.

(What misunderstanding- oh, well, we'll talk about that later.)

"What," I asked him.

"Nothing." He sighed over the delight at my expense. And then he looked at me with care and thoughtfulness, "You have a fun life."

I smiled.
The kind of smile that radiates the sunrise from my eyes, which you can't really see because they get all squinty.

"Thanks. I do. I really do."

And I meant it with every single fiber of my being.
Every ounce that is my essence believes that, and makes effort to claim that truth.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bath Sheets

I was at the store today with half a mind to buy a couple more towels for my house.

To preface: I like big towels- always have. I like wrapping up in them after a shower and dancing around. I like doing everything possible in the post-shower towel and have been known to prolong actually getting dressed, instead preferring the body-warm, damp towel that hugs me- fitting me perfectly with a twist and a tuck. For this reason, I tend to prefer using beach towels all year long, but they are really on the edge of too big. The hug-fit around my body is more bulky than snug.

So this store has a particularly large bathroom section- absolutely full of towels of all sizes: washcloths, hand towels, small towels, bathmat towels, bath towels, and bath sheets.

What is a bath sheet, I wonder; and why it is worth the extra $3. I don't mind paying extra money for things, but I do like to have justification as I am handing over the larger-than-I-wanted-to-pay price.

I pull out a bath towel: $5.95
A beautiful wild rose color.
I unfold it, shake it out; and realize that it may do a nice job at the drying of my body, but there was no way that I would be able to prance around....well, not decently at least. I struggle to fold it "just so," and place it back in its place.

I go to the bath sheet area: $8.95
I pick sea-blue, the color of the ocean when the sky is gray.
I unfold it, and it keeps unfolding. I hold it up in front of me, inspecting the size and my arms are stretched to their limit before me. I grin. All tests are passed but one. I wrap myself up- twist and tuck. I look down to inspect the amount of coverage. I look over my shoulder at the curve of my hip swathed in a fuzzy sea-blue cotton sheet. I tap my toes, shake my shoulders and sway just a bit. The towel holds position. Hands on my hips, I giggle. This is perfect and well worth the price, I think. Now, I just have to pick out which color- oh, there are so many.

I don't know how long I stood there. But a laugh brought me back to reality. I looked to see who was laughing and why. Yes, I am nosey, and I certainly like to share in a laugh when I can- who doesn't. These two ladies were staring at me- the older one with a look of shocked disapproval, the other with humor in her eyes. I didn't understand. Was I the cause of hilarity? Why? I looked down. Ah.

I unwrapped myself and decided that sea-blue was a perfect color. I grabbed a match from the shelf, flashed a grin at the ladies and shrugged, and walked toward the register. Definitely worth the price- every penny.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Confession Cont.

There is too the fact that I've got 362 fans on facebook- so maybe...just maybe...I am expressing those "flashes of heart" in the area that I have the biggest audience.

Now, I ask you- who is looking for attention?

Just a thought. Hit me when I was done with the first part of my confession. I had closed my computer feeling good about the fact that I added something to my blog. And as I was reaching my my still-warm cup of vanilla coffee, the thought hit me: who reads my blog anyway? Maybe, I post on facebook because the chance of anyone actually reading it- no matter how short it is- is much higher. Hmmm....


So, I just had an ah-ha moment.

I've been using facebook to avoid blogging-
Do you know how easy it is to post a status update or post a link with a small explanation of why something is important to me? So easy-

My writing style has always been defined by minimalism, except in rare moments when I take the time to explain. Short and sweet- leaving the reader to infer and imagine instead of putting the thoughts out there for them in black and white.

I will try to do better.
When I want to post a link on facebook, I will think twice; and instead, try to take the time to really share my heart instead of flashing you with it.