"If I knew all the words, I would write myself out of here." MRAZ

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


There is this burning within me to get words out onto the page. I get it every now and then- sometimes I respond to the pain and sometimes, I ignore it.

This time, I plan to do something about it- hence the blog.

Wanted to get beyond the social networks. That way, in case any of my words seem inappropriate, it won't be posted as a news feed.

You have to seek this out- and in doing so, face the consequences of what I may have written.

Hope you enjoy.
And if you don't, hope I get you thinking.


David said...

Just thought I'd be the first to send you some love. Don't forget you have a book to finish.

Bet you can't guess who this is. Maybe? If you think hard

CristyLynn said...

You go, girl! (just dated myself terribly, didn't I?) ;)