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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

body in motion

I am only 27.
Okay, well I am actually going to be 28 in less than a month; but still that is only a year away from 27.

The point is I am still young. I am not old. Not decrepit. I am able-bodied.
Sure, I am heavier than I ought to be; but for the most part, my weight hasn't kept me from the things that I want to do.

My goal last year was to get serious about losing weight; to get serious about breaking a life-long emotional bond with food. I am glad to say that I did lose weight. That I ended the year lighter than I started it. That I presently am aware of being hungry and eating for that reason; not because I am sad, bored, crazy, etc...

This year, my goal is to get my body in motion.
I do like to exercise. Well, I like the after-exercise feeling, more than the during-exercise feeling (there's nothing like a good dose of endorphins)....but still, I usually don't shy away from a modest workout. The key there: MODEST workout.

Part of this "body in motion" goal means that I will challenge my body beyond a modest workout.....heavens, no!

Oh, yes- and I have already started...can't you hear my body screaming in agony in the background.....ah, music to my ears...Please do your best to ignore it.

I am.

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