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Sunday, January 24, 2010

they start early don't they

A conversation this evening with my 4 and 1/2 year old son:

ME: Rand, it is way too quiet in this house. Let's listen to some music.

RAND: Want Bear music.
**Rand is referring to Bear in the Big Blue House.

ME: No. Let's listening to some of Mommy's music.
**Yes, I was being selfish. We had listened to the Backyardigans all afternoon as we scooted through town on our errands.

RAND: No (whine). Want Bear music.
ME: Let's find a compromise. How about John Mayer.
RAND: No John Mayer.
**I really thought he might go for this one. We taped a John Mayer concert off of PBS and he loved it. Watched it over and over again. It was a good one. Lots of songs from Continuum.

ME: Okay. How about Jason Mraz.
**We are HUGE fans of the song, "I'm Yours."

RAND: No Jason Mraz. Want Bear music?
ME: No Bear music. Remember? We are shooting for a compromise. How about Simon and Garfunkel?
RAND: No (whine). No Simon and Garfkel.
ME: Really?! We are talking about Paul Simon and Art Garkunkel- are you sure?
RAND: Are you sure?

ME: Rand, what about the Barenaked Ladies?
RAND: Yep.

**To my knowledge, we've not really spent a lot of time listening to the Barenaked Ladies together. His quick acceptance got a giggle out of me. We listened to Gordon. A great album- thoughtful and silly as only the Ladies can deliver.

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