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Monday, January 31, 2011

28 Days of Celebrating 30

I am turning 30 on February 11. I am really excited.

Yes, really!

I am not one of those people who dread turning older - Time and I are friends, and though at times he has a bit of a temper (and isn't afraid to show it), I welcome his engagement in my life. So, I shout delightedly, bring on the big 3 - 0! I am ready.

I am also a really big fan of birthday celebrations. My family was always really on top of birthday parties and cake while I was a kid growing up, so it is something that I've been nurtured to enjoy. Even now - I've have had no problem planning my own birthday parties - becoming an adult has given me the freedom (and budget) to allow the festivities to be even more fun (and sometimes, the kids are invited to play).

I had originally played around with the idea of visiting Mardi Gras for my 30th birthday party. What better way to celebrate a big year in your life than to go to one of the biggest parties ever?! Unfortunately, those plans didn't pan out - and thankfully, not. Because I've come up with something oh-so-much-cooler!

I have committed to treating myself to some sort of celebration each day through the month of February. Big or small, it doesn't matter. It has just got to be something out of the ordinary that I consider celebrate-worthy. A whole month of doing special things?! It's gonna be a great birthday!

I've got some things already planned on the calendar. Others, I will have to figure out as I go along...I will keep you posted.

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