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Monday, March 9, 2009

my sensory-wise son

-excerpt taken from my journal: entry dated Thursday, March 5 2009 sometime mid-morning

And so, it is a new day.
Rand and I are at the playground. I wonder...
Here at the playground Rand gets to work on his gross motor skills and need for boyish expression-aggression release; but I wonder how he handles the wind. It is really windy, consistently windy here; and I know he notices it. I wonder how it affects him sensory-wise. I feel it on my skin, in my hair; I hear it in my ears. I wonder how Rand processes all these things. Does it has the possibility of being an overwhelming thing or will it serve to build up a kind of sensory immune system? Will he learn to cope well with all that surrounds us?

For that matter too, we are right beside I35, a major roadway through this area. From this distance, you can hear the constant roar of the cars on the tarmac. It is not unlike a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer. But Rand seems unfazed. I wonder if this will serve to wear down his fear of other noise-makers or will he keep grudges against certain ones?

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