"If I knew all the words, I would write myself out of here." MRAZ

Monday, April 27, 2009

would it make a difference....

if I told you that I was still writing?

I am still writing, and being very diligent about it. Just not on the blogs. I've been journaling like crazy. I know that doesn't help you- you don't get to know what I am thinking, you don't get to share in my experiences. But I AM STILL WRITING! Doesn't that make you happy? Will you forgive me now that you know that I am still hard at work?

Alright, alright.

I will do what I can to remedy the situation.
I will try to make sure that I am updating the blogs- even if I have to type in journal entries verbatim. But then, that may be too much information; and then you'll resent me for that....

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