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Friday, May 1, 2009

praises (yes, more than one)

1. God is giving me some direction. I feel like there is a path developing. I am continually asking for guidance and confirmation, but he is moving on my heart; and I am so thankful for that.

2. I have 7 days of work!!! One of the staffing agencies come through with a short term contract!!! I start working Monday!

3. My mom is coming into town for a visit! She will be here for 10 days starting tomorrow morning (missed her grandson terribly ;)

I keep asking God about his timing. It seems odd that I would finally get work at the same time that my mom will be here. I hate that I am going to miss out on time with her. My feelings are still askew, but I've told God that I will trust in his foreknowledge and plan.

4. In LifeGroup on Sunday morning, I told the group that I am the "geek mom." That introduction to preface this next comment: I have an interview with the Apple Store at Penn Square. I am really excited and really nervous about this. I can't believe how it all worked out to get an interview this quick. And I am thankful just to have the opportunity to interview. I'm not sure if my goals are going to be something they can work with, but I am excited to have the chance; and ask that God would make it clear (to both them and me) whether or not this is the path to take.

Just wanted to publically thank God (again) for his kindness and goodness.

He has not forgotten me; and that is amazing and humbling.

He is moving my heart, and that is truly the impossible at work (I am exceptionally stubborn).

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