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Sunday, May 2, 2010

spontaneous combustion, anyone?

How many blissfully new experiences can a girl handle before she just explodes from all the fun? I don't know the answer that- but, I had a vibe wash over me this I'm getting dangerously close to the razor blade edge of finding out. And it concerned me- I mean, spontaneous combustion could potentially cause problems- just sayin'- but only for a split second.

Let me clarify that last statement (I wouldn't want you all thinking the wrong thing)- my short-lived concern applies to the vibe, not the post-SC living complications...or more likely, the complication of not living. But enough of that- take comfort in the fact that my affairs are in order, so that if the SC ends up being my fate- all will be well and life will go on (well, for you).

What I'd really like to focus on is the razor blade edge and living on it, and my getting closer and closer to it. It is amazing the effort involved in pushing yourself beyond the status quo. And not just the expected status quo or society's status quo- I am talking about your own personal status quo. Only you know when you've become party to habit because it is easy, predictable and means you don't have to grow.

So, my concern was quickly put aside, because I choose to push myself. I choose to put myself in the path of new experiences and challenges; because each one will help me evolve into the person I want to be, the person I have the potential to be. What's the point of having potential if you don't bother to do anything with it? I will not be or become someone that they speak about in hushed tones: "Oh, well. She had so much potential."

I choose the possible explosion from too much fun. I choose living beyond my potential. Would you like to join me?

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