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Sunday, February 6, 2011

not going counts as celebrate-worthy

I had planned on taking a day trip today that was going to span 4:30am to about 9pm. And I really, really wanted to go. This was going to be tackling an adventure that I feel is long, long overdue.

But....I chose not to go. All this partying has my body tired, and I've missed out on my typical allotment of rest. And this decision, this all-wise-grown-up-responsible moment definitely counts as a celebrate-worthy act.

I've had the opportunity to take it slow today (as long as "slow" is defined by cleaning up my apartment, washing and folding mounds of laundry, washing dishes, reorganizing my Tupperware cupboard and logging in about 5 hours at my job). And, so, I am feeling rested (because, there was a late morning that played a very important role in today's celebrate-worth decision) and accomplished.

I also got to stuff my face at Sal's Sunday Morning Brunch Buffet - hmmm, bacon.

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