"If I knew all the words, I would write myself out of here." MRAZ

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

parenting will pass

Personally, there are days I think the whole thing sucks, and I am glad there is a heaven to go to after all this mess is said and done.

And I do love my baby- no matter who is right. Even in my frustrated moments, I try to love, love, love. I do wish he came with an informational print-out; but then I wouldn't have to rely on God near as much. I try to tell Him that there could have been other ways, but that's where the "trusting that He knows best" comes in.

Defintely NOT funny.
And I am certainly not happy about the whole thing...
but then, like a vapor, this existence will pass; and you and I can share coffee in paradise and giggle with relief that it is all over with...


caramama said...

People keep telling me that the kids get easier as they get older, but I think they are just a different kind of hard. Each stage is hard in one way or another, and each child has their own set of issues that we have to figure out and deal with.

I guess I didn't realize it would so hard so much of the time. Love her to pieces, but mine is tough in many ways.

Juan G. Garcia said...

Hey, when my little one gets out of diapers and finally learns to go potty that will definitely be a good thing!