"If I knew all the words, I would write myself out of here." MRAZ

Friday, November 14, 2008

tragic flawS

Would you just give me a break?! We all have tragic flaws; and I certainly don't pick on yours~

I admit.
I have them.
Bad ones!
Ones that can sometimes be all-encompassing.

They are meant to balance the overwhelming endearing Latina passion and enthusiasm that flows through my being. You can't encase all that positive spirit without a price.

So leave me alone.
I gave up perfection a long time ago.
I've settled for surviving- embracing the balance that makes

And beware! Those flaws can rear their ugly heads at any time.
Understand that it won't last forever. They haven't taken over- not yet.
And in those moments know that I'm sorry- for your sake- that you've chosen to be my friend.

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