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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

what a day

What a very crazy full day!

I could have left a zillion different status reports, but where to begin? So, I decided to write a note. This day deserves that much-

1. Woke up feeling sore; but that's good, because I got to work out yesterday. And that's good because I was a member of BIP which most of you know is no longer, but now I am a member at Gold's because they are honoring contracts- AND THAT'S AMAZING!!

2. Woke up to a talking baby- did I mention that he was a non-stop-talking baby. And that's good- because just a year ago, he wasn't doing so much talking.

3. Had a 30 review with my boss; and that went really well. I am happy.

4. Went back to the gym and my muscles were screaming; but afterwards they were groovy. And I felt limber.

5. Made a phone call in the car and noticed that it was snowing. I looked up and saw a big, gray cloud and a bunch of blue sky and sunshine- AMAZING.

6. I got the opportunity to make sure that Rand's old things were going to be used by people who need them. I love that feeling. If you have any baby items that you aren't using call "A Heart's Cry" and donate them to women in need.

7. I finished a letter of recommendation. I was flattered to be asked. Stressed because I wanted it to be good. Freaked out because I had a deadline. And satisfied with the outcome. That letter rocked! It has been sent and I feel like a student who has a load off- not to mention the assurance that the letter made it thanks to the technology of email.

8. I got this AWESOME, AWESOME Sandra-Bullock-in-the-Lakehouse haircut that is crazy-cool and amazing. Just imagine bangs and layers everywhere. Am lovin' it. And I can still rock the hat! Am am planning to add crazy-color (maybe green?) this weekend?

9. I got to run around with my baby and make him feel loved. And he told me he loved me.

10. I hit 101010 on my odometer.

11. McD's for dinner! I'm lovin' it.

12. Rand's toy from the Happy Meal sang, "I like to move it, move it." So I had a good excuse to shake my groove thing in the middle of K-Mart.

13. K-Mart was having a sale in the grocery section: 40% off some items....'nuff said.

14. Got a call from a fabulous friend while I was groovin' and shoppin' at the Big K. Couldn't go hang, but was so happy to be called. I felt loved.

15. I made a new mix tape of Jason Mraz songs- ones that I've had to gather from the here and there. And that has been my soundtrack today.

"Let's face unafraid all the plans that we made...."

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Anonymous said...

sounds awesome! i hope everyone has days like these.