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Saturday, February 21, 2009


So, I was challenged the other day to think about life before Google.

And, I can honestly say, I am glad that I am not living that life.

In two minutes, I was able to research a problem and find a way to fix it. That is amazing! What would I have done BG (before Google)?

My 3 and 1/2 year old son is in this "fun" stage: very independent and very curious. He wants to test his hypotheses without being supervised by an adult. Can I begin to tell you how much "fun" that is when I stumble upon one of his experiments at work; being that I am usually the adult that he is trying to hide from since I am almost always around.

Recent Hypothesis: I can make a Quarter disappear by sliding it through this slim spot: the spot where Mommy usually slides CDs in and out when we are driving in the car.

Experiment Steps:
1. When the car is parked catapult self into Mommy's seat (the driver's seat).
2. Play with every button to distract Mommy of true purpose.
3. Grab Quarter from change area when she is not looking.
4. Inconspicuously, slide Quarter into slot.
5. Check for complete disappearance.
6. Try to avoid being seen.
7. Pull together an innocent look if caught.

Well, I did catch him; and he succeeded with his innocent look- as he gave the Quarter one last shove into place! I don't often reach that octave when I shout, "No!" But there are certain special circumstances that deserve a little extra umph!

My Post-Experimentation Steps:
1. Told Mr. Cause and Effect what rules apply in regards to Quarters in the CD player.
(Who knew such a rule would ever need to be spelled out.)
2. Pressed Eject.
"Yes, thank you, CD Player. I did want my Jason Mraz CD to come out eventually, but I was hoping the Quarter would come along for the ride."
3. Join pro-con discussion with car mechanic extraordinaire: my Dad.
4. Slept on it.
5. Took knives to CD opening. Heard Quarter jiggle a bit, but no luck in acquisition.
6. Typed cry for help on Facebook.
7. Asked Google for help: It seems that toddlers all around the world are testing the same hypothesis. It is amazing. Like they have some innate need to test such things. There were plenty of options online, but mostly: tear apart your dash, get to the CD player, and pull out the Quarter.
**Why didn't I think of that?
8. Researched Saturn Ion dashboards.
(Thank you again, Google.)
9. Back outside- armed with screwdrivers of every sort and my meanest, no nonsense car mechanic face. Oh yea, baby! I know what I am doing.

10. Do I know what the hell I'm doing?!

11. Success. Dash is off. CD face is off. Quarter is in sight.
12. Moment of delight as I collect change.
13. It is amazing how much easier everything goes back ON!
14. Moment of truth: Will my CD player still work?
15. "Ah," I sigh as Jason's dulcet tones waft into my ears.


Who is the woman?!

This empowered moment brought to you by Google: type something in and get answers.

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Stephanie said...

Ha,ha!! Love this post, Jenny!! Glad you got it out!:)