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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

my family unit

My family unit is growing.
And that is a wonderful and amazing thing.

I used to think that family meant only those people who were connected to me by blood or marriage. I was sad, because that meant there weren't a lot of people in my family. Well, at least, there were a lot of people that I didn't know: I've got a lot of family in South America (and other places) that I have never met.

Yes, people connected to me by blood or marriage, people that are automatically defined as family, are important to me.

But I would like to propose another definition for family: a definition that I have come to adopt as a Jenny-law. People who are proven by time and love without any previous connection (i.e. those connections afore mentioned)- these people are just as much my family. These are the people I choose to assimilate into my family unit.

And I am thankful to say, my family unit is growing. I feel loved and supported by these people, these friends: my family.

I am blessed and highly favored-
(it blows my mind and I am humbled.)

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