"If I knew all the words, I would write myself out of here." MRAZ

Thursday, February 5, 2009


with Anu Garg



1. Cheerfully optimistic or confident.
2. Having a healthy reddish color.
3. Blood-red.

I am the kind of nerd that subscribes to A.Word.A.Day. It comes to my email account every day with new words for me to learn. Sanguine is one of those words that came along that I was pretty sure of the definition; but I checked it out just to get a refresher.

And, I realized that God whispered this word into my soul before my creation was complete.

NO matter what comes my way; no matter the dark clouds; no matter the bad days or down days (and yes, I do have them; sometimes, even a few at a time)- it seems that I am always able to pick up and keep going....with a smile and a tune. And this ability, the ability to charge on happily, is my default. There is no other way. And that amazes me.

On a lighter note, it is amazing to think that I will never need to wear blush in my life. There is enough blooming-red on these cheeks for everyone to enjoy. And that is just another ones of those things that I must accept as a default.

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Anonymous said...

this is something i have always loved about you, too! i am so glad that you recognize it.