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Thursday, September 25, 2008

if I were a stone

I love amethysts.
That purple gem is my birthstone. And I love how it can range from lavender to a deep, dark, rich violet. So much variety in one stone- I can relate; but that's not the one I would choose.

And, of course, I can go weak-kneed over a diamond. The refreshing clarity is like eating an Altoid- just burns you up inside. The more sparkly the better. The flash catches my breath. I expect fireworks. Diamonds remind me of my passion- but I am not passionate all the time.

I identify with a stone called Labradorite.
Imagine very dirty dish water- something a little gray, yellow or green- sometimes, brown. Semi-transparent and dirty with little bits floating around. That is exactly what Labradorite looks like when you first come across it. What good is a stone like that? It is dull. It is filthy. It is boring and typical.

But then, in the right light, it flashes- vibrant green, astounding blue, vital purple! I have seen- at times- a sunburst of yellow. It happens quickly. You could almost not believe your eyes. So beautiful. And surprising.

This is my kin stone.
We are one, though different objects.
This relates to my blog, "Interesting Thought." The mixture of divine spirit and dust.

You look at this dusty stone and flashes of brilliant beauty astound you. It isn't all the time; but when it happens, it matters and means something.

I know that passion wells within me. There are times when I feel compelled to rise above my typical existence. I hope that these flashes of passion are the divine sparking outwards. That in these unbridled sparks there is vibrant, astounding vitality. That there are glimpses of the Son. That I can rise above gray and be green, blue, purple, and yellow.

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caramama said...

I love this concept of identifying with a stone. And what a great stone you selected, and amazing description of the stone! It really says a lot about you.

Now you've got me thinking... If I were a stone... I'm going with opal. While not my favorite stone, I think it represents me most.