"If I knew all the words, I would write myself out of here." MRAZ

Saturday, September 27, 2008

spinning (cont.)

It's creepin' up on me...

But the weary one is often me-
Do you think it's obsession?
It's a dead end;
It's a long way down
Funny- the words you lose
You know the map is your hand.
Remember what you can!

Sitting alone again.

I held onto it close-
To the numbness in my heart.
And then I ran away
Just to find you.
I love and emrabce all that I can.

Let me bask inside your golden sea...

God, I am hopeful-
Of what this lonely night will lead me into-
Let me indulge in my view:
The keeper of starlight!

I say, "let the games begin;
This whole damn world is your toy, boy.
I wish you well. Well, that you get better."

Watch me disappear up under my skin.
I'll be feeling it...hope you're feeling it too-

I don't know just what I'm here for-
I want more than words can describe
I've been deprived...
My whole world has fallen apart around me.

I'm drinking all of the tears you cry
I'm breathing up every breath you sigh.

I don't wish to know my ending.
I just want to know when I begun.

Feel like I'm spinning-
Just like I'm spinning, spinning around-

-selections from Welcome to Schubas (Medley) by Jason Mraz

Is there anything else that I can say?
Perfect words- maybe a little rearranged; but noteworthy, nonetheless.
Spinning and looking for my place; but the golden light is beautiful and warm. I am hopeful.
The words are slippery beasts, but I remember what I can.
Hope; Hopeful; Am hopeful...
Maybe, I am getting better too.

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