"If I knew all the words, I would write myself out of here." MRAZ

Friday, September 12, 2008

the other kids

There are these kids that I want to play with-
I know some of them. They like me. And know that I would be a great addition to their group. Sometimes, I know that I would be a great addition to their group; and then other times, I am second guessing myself.

The ones that know me are cheering me on- "Come and play! You'll be great! We'll be so happy to have you on our team!" But I have to convince the whole group- the vote has to be unanimous.

There are code words that I have to learn.
Sometimes, there are costumes to wear.
There are certain ways to do certain things at certain times.

Funny that I want to join them....with all those rules.

But with the rules and secret codes comes a whole new part of the playground.
I am tired of the same old monkey bars. I am ready to climb up the steps, so that I can go down that amazing twisty slide.


Anonymous said...

With anything in life there are rules. Rules are not a bad thing unless they are rules that harm you. Sometimes they are just guidelines for us to not loose our way. Ask yourself why the "other kids" really want you to join them. You might be surprised to find out that there really are no rules at all--- they just want you to join them---no strings attached!!

CristyLynn said...

You are such a clever writer! I really enjoy reading and learning about you.