"If I knew all the words, I would write myself out of here." MRAZ

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

murrell's in my mind

A weekend away is always a good thing. Time for learning. Time for confirming.
Here are the latest new and reminder lessons:

1. The GSP isn't as smart as you think it is. And sometimes it is- but it certainly can't read my mind. Because, if it did...

2. It is so nice to be the passenger on a trip. Not driving is a wonderful thing....I actually got to look around! Now I have a list of places to check out next time I do drive.

3. Most of the "cute" guys at a Golf Resort are going to be 60 years old.

4. I am big on the pig.

5. Next to my Mac and my iPod, my HP Photosmart Digital Camera is the most amazing piece of technology that I own. These are the kinds of machines that make technology so wonderful and make life that much better (unless they aren't working- and in that case, life couldn't be is a love/hate thing!)

6. I love the beach. I love the sand in between my toes. I love the ocean. I love the ocean when it is too cold to swim and you're risking hypothermia to swim. I love tide pools. I find the poetic history on the shore breathtaking. It is awe inspiring how the same beach can be so different each day, each hour, each minute. And yes, I do feel closer to God at the beach. The majesty is somehow expounded, compounded there.

7. Little tourist beach shops don't tempt me as much as they used to- although, the fudge is still calling my name.

8. I think it is funny to go to a restaurant called Bovines when you have a view of the water.

9. I love live music- all kinds. Anything that puts spice into the night air. Sounds you can swing to, jam to, rock out to, sing with, shake 'em hips...

10. Big Orange Moons hypnotize me. And I almost lose myself looking...

11. Yes, I would have gone. It would have been the most stupid decision of the trip- if it turned out wrong. But what if it was a pleasant jaunt? It would have been amazing! And yes, I would have repaid the offer with a kiss on the cheek. And, thank you for offering- even if you were drunk.
11a. And speaking of drunk, what was I thinking? Being sick is never fun....but the spinning was...until I couldn't stop it.

12. I could have easily blown $500 at the tattoo parlor- good thing I didn't have that much. But love Dion! Thank you for talking ideas with me- even if I didn't like what you had to say.

13. My dragon is always with me. He gave me another visit. Again unexpected. But this time, I embrace the challenge with gusto, because I LOVE what I am doing! And hopefully, soon, I will see him everyday; and I will tell him- everyday- that I LOVE his presence because it means that I am doing what I LOVE!!!

14. Piercings hurt- and hurt afterwards too. But it's finally nice to look up and see what I have always seen- for real.

15. He hunts me and lurks in my thoughts the closer I get to the coast. My ghost lover reminds me that I really, really am made for coastal living. And in my dreams, he joins me there in my blue house at the water's edge.

16. Cloudy days at the beach may not prove beneficial for sun bathing, but they are just as soul warming.
16a. And hair curling! I never get curls at home like I do at the beach. Thank you, Finess, for softness. Thank you, Tressime, for lovely, milky waves. But thank you, Beach Air, for tight spiral curls that would make a curling iron ashamed.

17. How can hundreds of carp think they are going to get their fair share of pellets when 50 cents only gives you a handful? Don't they ever learn?

18. Follow the buzz. Explore the Beehive. You won't get stung...promise. The honey is waiting, dripping sweet with rewards. The Queen allows her workers some freedom to share the wealth. Bee brave. Step out. Bee yourself!

19. Sometimes waiting to buy something because you know you can get it for a cheaper price is the right decision. Two for one is what I am talking about.

20. Certain friends are forever. Forever friends still change and grow. No matter what you think, accept the change and love. Or it isn't a forever friendship.


KBF said...

SO thrilled you captured our trip with words! You wrote of the most fun things (except the sickness) and I love that we have these knew fun memories to treasure. And you two are my cherished "forever friends". Love you

amberly said...

touche. lots of loves at the beach.